Coaching Session - 1hr - $250


  First off, I’m a recording artist before I’m anything else. I make money performing, selling my music, songwriting, writing books (I’ve recently written a book about the fastest and most effective way to become a recording artist and grow your following) & blogs, speaking publicly and producing others. Beyond that, I coach and develop various creative artists and communicators in their given field. Having performed on stages since the age of 11 to crowds from five up to 20,000+, I’ve learned a thing or two about communication, storytelling, stage presence and personal development along the way.

  I’m passionate about helping others find their purpose and helping them to define it. If you’d like to be in the music industry but don’t know where to start, if you want to take your creative idea from hobby to profession, if you desire to get more out of your creative business, if you need help in the creative process, spiritual guidance or personal development, then I’d love to speak with you. I’ve come up with a price that is both worth my time and worth your investment.

   One of my latest clients recently expressed to me in reference to his business, “Ben, you were my missing piece.” I don’t say this to brag, only to relay the fact that I am actually helping real people like yourself who feel stuck but want to grow. That was me! And it still is. Like a good doctor or lawyer must continue in their education to remain relevant, I’m a voracious learner and an even more ravenous doer. I can show you how to craft a better story, how to perform at a higher level and how to make more money doing those things. I’ve coached recording artists, bands, songwriters, bloggers & authors, public communicators, YouTubers, nonprofits, and individuals. I’ve secured multiple investments for my own business from the tens of thousands all the way to six-figures, run successful crowd-funding campaigns, toured nationally, performed overseas, racked up hundreds of thousands of views on my own content and continue to work with both independent as well as major label signed acts.

  There is no age deterrent. I’ve had 60 year old clients and 20 year old clients. However cliche it may sound, you’re never too young or too old to create a profitable, creative business. If you desire something, I say you should go for it. No better time or place to start than right here and right now. If you want to grow, it’s important to be able to identify opportunity. And there is SO MUCH OPPORTUNITY for artists and creators in today’s world.

  Once I receive payment, I’ll reach out with a time that works for us to connect. I’ll also send you a form that I’ll need you to fill out and send back to me before our meeting so that we can truly maximize our time together. If you’re not local, Skype or FaceTime works great. *Disclaimer: I don’t possess a wand that I can wave over you that will make you a rockstar. But I can definitely help save you time, resource and mass amounts of frustration that greatly benefit my many customers and clients.

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