Don’t Start A Band, Start A Label

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You probably think the “music business” and the “music industry” are the same thing. They’re not, and if you don’t know the difference between the two, then you’re still in the industry. Here are a few questions I get asked a lot:

“How do you gain a following in such a fast-paced world?”

“How do you build a team and what should their roles be?”

“What are major labels doing to get their artists on big playlists?”

“What should my daily tasks be as a content creator and recording artist?”

“Why do you keep bringing up spreadsheets?”

“What should I spend my money on to get the word out about my music?”

This book is no less than an accelerator program to help you bypass 99% of the BS that most bands are psychotically repeating while seeing little-to-no results. If you don’t want music to be your life (or at least a major part of your life), then you should probably go buy a different book and do something else with your life. To me, the music business is not a hobby, it’s a profession and whoever you are, when you enter these waters, you’re swimming with a lot bigger and better fish than you could imagine… but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. You just have to learn more than the next guy. Want to know more? Pre-order your copy of “Don’t Start A Band, Start A Label” and find our what 98% of bands aren’t doing but should be.

The autobiography

"Yes. It is true. I'm divulging the goods on my family, my upbringing, growing up in the church, how I got involved in rock’n’roll and why I be the way I be. I don’t really pull any punches. As I’ve been writing about my life, I’ve had moments of laughter, some good cry sessions, deep revelations about myself and others and rediscovered very old memories I’d long forgotten."-BU