Why Nobody's Engaging With Your Music

Having been in the music business now for a decade, I’ve seen a
plethora of artists come and go. Of all the research I’ve done and
according to 99% of the experiences I’ve had, I’ve come to believe that
artists fail for 4 reason’s:
1) They stop educating themselves on the industry
2) They’ve never treated their project like a business
3) They were never meant to be artist’s in the first place
4) Personal Financial Mismanagement
A lot of artists are lazy. A lot simply don’t know or are oblivious of what to
do. I know the title of this piece sounds a bit harsh up front but understand
that I hear from artists all the time with frustration’s about their own
project. There seem’s to be a general lack of direction, most with no idea
how to get traction and any smart person know’s that working hard
doesn’t equal success. I figured I’d cut the crap and write a straight
forward piece to help you realize what your next step should be. I hope it
helps. Just know that I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feeling’s. I mean it to
help you.

Your Songs Are Mediocre
This is just the starting point. Do you have the guts to hear “your songs
suck”? Find a mentor/tutor to work with you. YouTube is a great resource
as well. If your songs suck, you’ll get nowhere. Learn song formula’s, learn
what the industry is looking for, learn how to write hooks, or scores, or
whatever field you want to play on. Get really good at writing.
Your Recordings Are Mediocre
Your composition’s may be fabulous but you need a producer who know’s
what they’re doing in helping you find that specific sound that fits your
niche. Keep in mind that you’re competing for attention with the best
artists in the world through the ease of accessibility in our day. You’ve got
to be able to produce music that hold’s up to the type of quality the
average consumer is used to experiencing.

Your Subscriber-ship Is Low
I don’t give a crap about your online numbers. They equate to NOTHING
unless there is real engagement from true fans. Plus, FaceBook, Twitter,
Snapchat, Instagram, and the like will all go away someday. FaceBook is
already been reduced to an add agency and propaganda machine, even
assisting those interfering in our political process. Social networks are
silencing the people they don’t agree with by shutting down their profiles
and kicking them off of the platform. Posting an image or video isn’t
making you money either. You need people to buy your product: t-shirt’s,
beanies, coffee mugs, plectrums with your logo, whatever. You need to
learn to coax your audience into supporting you by having an ongoing
relationship with them. No better place than over email. This is an art form.
If you come off too strong, you’ll lose subscriber’s. Do your homework.
You Don’t Listen To Anyone
You’re completely un-coachable. You think you know it all. You’re
stubborn. Accept that you need help. Find someone who know’s the
business, don’t argue, shut your mouth and listen to them. Don’t do your
own thing.
You’re Undisciplined
You miss deadlines, you show up late, you drop the ball, you don’t do
anything consistently from writing songs to practicing scales to social
media to learning about the business. You’re a loose cannon. Even if the
success did come knocking, you wouldn’t know the first thing to do with it.
Every innovative idea needs a structure and consistency.
You Don’t Know Anything About Business
Every successful business on the planet requires daily upkeep. Why in the
world should your business be any different just because it has the word
“music” in front of it? Is this a hobby or do you want to do this for a living?
If you don’t know the business, the business doesn’t know you.
You’re Not Telling A Great Story
Artists are full time storyteller’s. Just take that word “artist” and switch it to
“storyteller”. It’s never the best product that wins. Rather, it’s always the
best story that wins. If you’re not telling one, cohesive, simple story with
every post, video or product you put before your audience, why should
anyone care? If you’re no different than the next act waiting to “hit it big”,
you’re fooling yourself.

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