The Ultimate Life Hack

Everyone wants to know the hack. The fastest way to the top. The shortcut. The overnight success. Typically, the “top” refers to financial wealth and not having to kiss anyone’s butt (total autonomy). I only have one method I’m employing. It’s called discipline. Jocko Willink, possibly the scariest navy seal on earth, was asked by Tim Ferris that if he could have a quote posted to every billboard in America (.. ..), what it would say. Jocko replied, “Discipline equals Freedom”. The “shortcut” is actually the “longcut”. The word “discipline” is often associated with negativity or reprimand. Think about what a parent tells their child when the kid is being naughty. “You’re going to get disciplined” which comes down to getting thy butt beat (spanked ;p ) or loosing a privilege. I’m all down for parents reprimanding their children according to the nature of the crime, but let’s not equate “punishment” and “discipline”. Come on. Giving yourself boundaries, time limits, goals, all of these things take a heavy dose of denying yourself pleasure and pushing back against those feelings of apathy. Anything worth having will take discipline…

… at least that’s what I keep hearing from those dwelling “in, on and around” those beautiful snow-capped peaks.


Ben UnionComment